Pre-conference masterclasses - Tuesday, 23 July

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Each pre-conference masterclass provides attendees with morning and afternoon tea breaks and a 1-hour lunch break allowing for extra networking opportunities and in-depth learning.

Sessions start at 09:00 and finish at 17:00.

Masterclass A: How to excel in your mining career: advanced leadership skills for current & emerging leaders

Unlock your leadership potential with this 1-day masterclass designed exclusively for current and emerging mining leaders facing the unique challenges of today's industry-wide transformation. This Masterclass will equip you with the leadership skills you need to guide you through the changes impacting the mining sector while setting you up for a long and successful career.

In this interactive and highly practical workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Understand the distinct roles of a leader versus a manager
  • Gain the self-awareness of personal management and leadership approaches
  • Build the skills to create and maintain high-performing teams
  • Grasp insights into the best practices of team engagement in mining
  • Define a clear vision on personal leadership vision and values
  • Learn frameworks to articulate and instil your vision within your teams
  • Hear about strategies to develop and convey a strong leadership brand
  • Develop techniques to enhance your leadership presence in the sector

By attending this masterclass, you will distinguish yourself as a forward-thinking leader with the knowledge to differentiate between managing, and leading, your team members.

You will gain actionable insights into developing a visionary approach to enhancing your communication prowess and building stakeholder trust that fosters collaboration and productivity while learning how to amplify your leadership presence, exert greater influence over the decision-making process, and drive your team towards unprecedented success.

Step into your leadership future with skills that promise exceptional outcomes for you and your organisation.

Dr Claire Chakrabarti
Program Manager

Masterclass B: Leadership in mine shutdowns and closures – a comprehensive approach

This intensive 1-day masterclass is meticulously designed for leaders in the Australian mining industry, focusing on the strategic, operational, and environmental considerations essential for successful mine shutdowns and closures. Participants will comprehensively explore best practices, regulatory compliance, stakeholder management, and sustainable post-closure land use. The masterclass will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to lead teams and projects effectively.

This masterclass is ideal for project managers, supervisors, environmental officers, and any professionals aspiring to leadership roles in mine shutdown and closure projects within the Australian mining sector.

By the end of this masterclass, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the critical aspects of mine shutdown and closure within the Australian mining industry
  • Develop strategic mine closure plans that align with regulatory requirements and best practices
  • Effectively engage with stakeholders to ensure transparent and responsible mine closure processes
  • Implement environmental and social considerations into closure planning to achieve sustainable outcomes
  • Lead and manage teams in executing mine closure projects with confidence and competence

Participants are encouraged to bring specific challenges or case studies from their work experience for discussion and problem-solving. This masterclass is designed to foster interactive learning and networking among peers and industry experts.